Thursday, May 21, 2015

"In Organic We Trust" film screening on Weds. 6/3/15 6-9p in Sunnyvale

You are invited to join us for a free screening of the film "In Organic We Trust" at the Sunnyvale Public Library, 665 West Olive, Sunnyvale, CA, on Wednesday evening 6/3/15 from 6-9p.
Synopsis - We can no longer stomach our food system. It's killing more and more Americans and costing billions in health care. But is organic really better for us or just a marketing scam?
When corporations went into the business and "organic" became a brand, everything changed. The philosophy and the label grew apart. Can gummy bears or bananas flown halfway across the world truly be organic?
This film looks beyond organic for practical solutions for me and you. Local farmer's markets, school gardens, and urban farms are revolutionizing the way we eat.
Brought to you by Charles Street Gardens, Full Circle Farm Sunnyvale and Transition Silicon Valley.
Here is the link to the trailer:


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