Wednesday, January 21, 2015

TSV Open Meeting and Potluck on Monday 1/26/2015 in Los Altos at 6p

Happy New Year! Our thoughts are to start social with wine, appetizers and posters  that cover:

Our past
- History if TSV, our founding mission, values and evolution

- What are current  community needs to achieve sustainability?
- What existing organizations, efforts are working to fill gaps?
- What are gaps that are not being addressed?

- What role can  TSV play to shore up community sustainability?
- How should TSV show up and align with other efforts?

You are all invited to write ideas on posters and share your thoughts.

We can the convene a discussion around past, present and tomorrow to invite ideas. We are asking the question, who might be interested and will join us with this next phase.

Please RSVP to Victoria Armigo at


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